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Nothing’s more painful than working months and months on a site and then finding out that all the pages are being de-indexed, this happened to me.

I was building massive amounts of links to 3 sites with hundreds of pages on each of them. It was going well and I loved the results I was getting, I was feeling good about myself.

One day I opened my website and checked it out in the search results. To my surprise all the ranks I had disappeared and tons of pages were no longer indexed.

My heart dropped and my stomach felt sick. It hit me so bad I just went to bed for a nap that same hour. I don’t wish this feeling on anybody, seriously.

It took me a while to muster up the energy to go after it again, I tried to get in touch with all the companies I thought could help, Google, ICANN and my hosting company but nothing was able to be done.

I did some research and found out some things that may have gone wrong and I’ve learned to not let this happen again.

Let’s take a deeper look at where I may have gone wrong so you won’t have to experience the same pains I did…

Blog Networks: Blog Networks are places where you make an article and spin it a bunch of times, then you submit it to this paid service called “blog networks” and the system automatically distributes them out to many different blogs that are in the company’s network. These blogs have the links you place in them anchoring back to your website with the keyword.

Purchased Links: This is when you pay a company to send out 15,000 links all at once to wherever you want, it can be more or less. This obviously doesn’t look natural to the search engines.

3 way Links: This is when your main domain extensions are pasted on many different sites in the network. You have a limit to how many domains you can add and it’s one link per domain and this link can only be the top level domain, example “http://www.example.com”

By staying away from these places, over time the tides will start changing and the rudder of the ship will begin heading to the promise land.

This showed me that though the results are gratifying initially – it bites back in the end!


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Where was God?


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Consistency is important in our daily lives. Many times we start something and end up dropping it earlier than we expected. Look at New Year’s resolutions for an example.

How many times have we committed to “lose weight” and three months into the year we stop doing what we set out to do?gol

A lot of times this is because we were never as committed as we thought, this can be for many different reasons. Maybe as a kid we didn’t have parents who were committed?

Maybe our father would say one thing and then break the promise when the time came to fulfill the promise?

These are things to consider because a lot of times it’s not that we are not “consistent” but it’s that there are deeper issues at play and we need to look deep within ourselves to fight our own personal demons.

David and goliath: The famous story of David slewing the Philistine Giant, this was a little boy who didn’t know much about anything but tending to sheep, he knew his potential though and he was committed to bringing this giant to his knees, being committed is important when it comes to reaching our goals.

There are so many things that make financially successful people different from most people. This is what makes the difference between people who actually achieve their goals and those that end up failing.

The funny thing about consistency is that it’s something that needs to be worked on, it doesn’t just happen overnight.

Let’s look at when we were kids, we were woken up every morning by our parents, they woke us up to get ready for school, most of us had a pattern of waking up at a certain time, brushing our teeth, eating what was made for use, watching our favorite cartoon then being sent out to school, right?

Another way consistency is built is if you work, let’s say every morning you have to wake up by 7 o’clock to get ready to head downtown to your job, if it’s a new job then your first week might be a bit groggy but eventually it gets easier over time, this is the power of consistency.

Research shows that humans are the quickest to adapt to an environment, so becoming consistent in doing a task is much easier than if you were, let’s say, a “bear”…

… This is how consistency is built, if you do something consistently for a period of time it will eventually become like second nature.

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